Stress And Oxygen

When we learn that each stressful event in our life can drop our oxygen score drastically we can begin to understand how central to successful treatment oxygen can be. As we age our oxygen level drops on average of 5 points per ten years. Between ages 30-40 our oxygen level drops the most (up to 10 points. The danger zone is an oxygen level of 60 or less. We could all live happily until 120 if properly supplied with oxygen and are in good health. Our best oxygen score is 100 which is normally found in young children and we can return to that with Multi Step Oxygen Therapy. The good news is that you do not need a doctor to prescribe oxygen. Only 100% pure oxygen requires a prescription (oxygen tanks). lungs to the tissues where it is consumed. However, only about 1.5% of the oxygen transported in the blood is dissolved directly in the blood plasma. This is increased dramatically when Maxx O2 therapy is used.